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Use AVID’s Native Ad Widget

Native ads statistically have higher click through rates, and higher visibility. It’s usually a piece of content that looks like an editorial article, and sometimes widgets for these ads will use phrases such as “You Might Like” or “Recommended for You.” The best native ads will blend seamlessly with the rest of the page and provide an organic user experience. Native ads can help grow relationships with customers and potential consumers, and create incredibly specific retargeting audiences. Unlike straight display advertising that allows for a very short window of time to grab attention, native ads potentially offer longer user engagement.


AVID’s native advertising widget builder enables you to strategically position your native ad content by creating an ad that fits in with the page or website you’re advertising on. You can also save money using native ad styles by showing multiple ad angles in a single impression. Each impression is tracked individually and can be randomly rotated.


In AVID, native ads go by the name “text ad”. In order to create a new native ad, you will create the placement size and then a text ad style that is the same size. For step-by-step instructions, click here. For all information regarding our native ad templates, click here.


Updated on May 24, 2017

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