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Reporting Within AVID

AVID provides plenty of reporting options for you to analyze the success of your campaigns. You can pull reporting on the publisher level, placement level, or ad group and ad level. You can also customize your reports under the “Custom Reports” tab on the far left of your navigation toolbar.

Placement Statistics

All placements’ SubID and Hourly statistics can be viewed inline by clicking the “SubID Stats” or “Hourly Stats” icons, respectively. Statistics can be exported by clicking on the “Export” option. More information about placement statistics can be viewed in additional sections on our support page – click here for more about SubID stats and click here for more about Hourly stats. 


Ad Group and Ad Statistics 

The ad group and ad statistics can be accessed separately, and are grouped by  HourlySubIDGEO, URLs, Carrier/ISP, Browsers, or Device Type statistics. All statistics reports can be exported by clicking on the “Export” option on each statistics page. Click here to be taken to the page for ad group and ad statistics.

Setting Up SubIDs

In the screen that appears once you click “Get Tag”, there is a box marked “Enable SubID”. Checking the box allows you to pass information through the tag. You can set up SubIDs to help track where clicks are coming from. You can add up to 5 SubIDs. SubIDs are often used to give anonymity to a publisher’s domain name, and are used as unique identifiers to represent that domain. Alternatively, SubIDs can also be used to pass any other alphanumeric data. 

Click here to view our support page on SubIDs and click here to read how SubIDs can be used for targeting.

Updated on August 29, 2017

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