IP Types

AVID matches a viewer’s IP address against a database of registered IP addresses to determine the type of company or organization that the IP address is registered to. For example, most proxy services use IP addresses registered as a Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit IP type.

Most of the IP type options are self-explanatory:

  • Commercial – Business IP address
  • Organization – Non-profit business IP address
  • Government – Government IP address
  • Military – Military IP address
  • University/College/School – Educational institution IP address
  • Library – Library IP address
  • Content Delivery Network – Content delivery, content transfer services IP address
  • Residential (Fixed Line) – Fixed line ISP IP address, usually used by residential users
  • Mobile – Mobile IP address
  • Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit – Proxy services, hosted IP address
  • Search Engine Spider – Search engine spider or bot IP address
  • Reserved – Reserved IP address
Updated on February 20, 2017

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